Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Puglia is great. We just got back this morning from our week camping in the very deep south of Italy. Here's a quick run down of how it went:

Fede drove for our 10 hour trip which took about 15 hours. I slept, smoke ate and drank wine and watched the sunset and sunrise and listened to old tapes my friends made for me when I was a teenager. Tapes like "Ould Stuff" and "Prodigy Mix" from Ross, "The Muppet Show" from Roger and "This is Cult Fiction" from Sebastian.

We arrived in a camping site which is run by proper hard core communists, is really quiet late at night but everyone is lively and talkative until one or two in teh morning. Bar playing reggae and kitchen always in use with the most amazing food being cooked by the damned Italians. No beans and potatoes for those folks. 5 euro a day and 10 minutes from tent to beach.

Played in the white sand and red sand, swam in clear water, ate fish (fried, with pasta, grilled, pickled...you name it, we ate it). Drank beer and wine. Met 5 new friends (all form the north of Italy of course). Danced to Drum and Bass Taranta and traditional Pizzica, walked through ancient city centres, picked figs and cactus fruit. Spoke lots of Italian drew pictures, took photos and slept in the sun and in the shade, played with cats and chickens and dogs, got cooked for, cooked for others drank some more, breakfasts of coffee and cigarettes, breakfasts of fish, breakfasts of ice cream, melons and prosciutto.

I also ate several portions of various types of meat on a stick which I think is fundamental to every good holiday. If you haven't done it yet and you're still on holiday. Quick, order meat on a stick!

We're back now and I lost a few kilos and got a lot browner. Fede cut my hair too. Cheap and entertaining. :)

More on art tomorrow, oh and I have another interview in Italian in the morning...

PS Sorry Photos are all of me because Fede only took pictures of me and I was using it mostly for film..


  1. cooooool. looks, and sounds deadly! bring me back a pair of those pants

  2. The video of you playing with the bat is a bit creepy. I think that kid from the grudge took your camera and filmed you in secret. You know the one with the long black hair that croaks a lot and walks like a crab?