Sunday, 22 April 2012

Life - A Never Ending Holiday

This holiday just keeps going! I´ve finished with Cambridge at last and moved on to the freedom of Europe proper. No more of this island mentality. I want the continent! So here I am. It´s all very strange though as I can´t really come to grips with the fact that I am starting work again tomorrow after 6 weeks break.

Even the new apartment is like a hotel room and the local super market is filled with mysteries that only linguistic ignorance can provide. I´m sitting in an internet cafe that smells of tobacco and the incessant sound of overlapping slot machines numbs out the distant sound of thunder and rain.

Tomorrow morning I will join an old friend as we navigate the U Bahn and I take my place in what many in my career would consider the dream company. It´s all like some crazy story, not like real life. I think that part of me has become used to living life as a holiday and for the first time I think that it might actually stick around. For if life isn´t treated as a holiday but as a chore then why live?

Things have gone spiritual in this post and in my heart and in my head. I´ve learnt to accept the fact that I believe in crazy non plausible nonsense and I love it. Embracing your own absurdness is rewarding and gives unshakable confidence. I highly recommend asking yourselves what you believe in. Stop playing the oh so clever atheist game and listen to yourself for just a sec. See if something that you are convinced can´t be true is actually something you still believe. If not then go back to being clever and all knowing. :)

Long live the life! Long live thinking! Long live talking nonsense! Long live believing (or not)! Long live the holiday!