Sunday, 24 January 2010

Holiday in Brazil? Sounds good to me!

Hey Paulo! Thanks for the invitation. Fede and I are planning a holiday, when is the best time to come to Rio? We really want to come and visit!!!!!

For the rest of you here's a sketch I did of an Asian woman as a study of values.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Apple on

Today's picture: Apple

Digital Painting Tutorial

Hello. I did this last night. I'm planning to paint some onions later and also read over the full manuscript for Hell for Leather.

You can check out my sketchbook on now anytime you want. I've put a link over there on the right! ----->

And I will probably be uploading all my art work up on cobwebgames as well in the art section just to be sure no one can miss it. :)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Daily Sketches

So here's the first few daily sketches. I have relearned a few key practices (that to be perfectly honest I thought I never would have forgotten in the first place): Light and form...

While the portrait of Ms Degli Esposti took more than a day the hand was done on a Wacom at the end of a lunch break and the man looking into the valley took about 2 hours. I know I've got to speed up but I'm happy enough with what I am learning if not entirely with what I am drawing.

Hell for Leather in Beta

I currently have two projects on th go at the moment.

The first is a daily sketch for which I will begin on Monday although I have been warming up the last week by trying to get something finished every lunch time in work. Also to note that on this project I will be more or less exclusively working digitally ie I will not be sketching traditionally. This is to help me to train myself for the work place.

The second is that I'm working as main artist for illustrating a table top role playing game published by cobweb games. I've already posted some of my artwork up there so I thought I may as well start posting some stuff here too. While I get my creative juices flowing by reading the beta draft I will also be scanning in some of my old doodles and posting them here for fun.