Friday, 8 August 2008

Art is Hard

It's started, the first "Art is Hard" competition.

Art is Hard, make it easier for me! And I'll write a footnote about you in my biogrphy when I'm famous.

Entry: Send a photo or image to my email or facebook. Only one image per candidate. First image recieved will be considered so don't send more than one and think carefully about which one you want to send!

Winner: The best picture (decided by me according to my tastes and my painting style) will be transformed into a painting/piece of art/fashion item. The final piece will be the property of me but I can make you a copy of it if you like (I decide what format but probably a print poster or a t-shirt or something. If you like it so much you want to buy it I'll give you a discount. :)

Enter now!

Deadline: 1st September 2008. Painting will be finished by 1st October 2008.


  1. cool. so it can be a picture of anything?

  2. I've sent you a picture on facebook.

  3. Yes a picture of anything. Anything at all. Even a drawing or a painting you've done yourself.

    I'm playing with the idea of taking people's ideas/memories and transforming them to either enhance or corrupt the original. A way to analyse how people choose to remember and use memories to justify or compliment their personality. I like the fact that I will be directly interacting with people. Using other people's mind's as a reference like you would normally use visuals as reference.

    It's a bit complicated for a blog reply but when I have it clearer I will write a full entry. For now try not to think about it deeply just choose something you like and let me do the rest. :)

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