Friday, 8 August 2008

Picture Painting Continued

Hello, here's the latest update. The painting is based on a photo taken by Sebastian Hickey.

I have worked on the "water van", front motorbike, water, road and shines. I still need to finish the road/water. After that it's tidying up details, increasing contrast where needed and putting some kind of yellow wash over the sky. I also want to add some detail to the top right corner, perhaps some telegraph lines would break that area up. Maybe the wash will help too..

Please post comments, you don't have to be witty or smart or even positive. just to know who is reading this and who I can tailor the blog to.


  1. looks cool. Whats the water from the van coming from? I like the shine on the surfaces. the photo is a tiny bit blurry, hard to make out details, but so far it looks good :)

  2. painting looks cool. reminded me of one you had in your old gaf. not sure how much it's like it but it still reminded me of it. it's really nice.