Monday, 25 August 2008

Finished Painting!

Da nah! Here it is the first Jason Hickey painting. I have yet to sign it and varnish it and I may touch it up tomorrow if I think it needs it but I think I've done enough with it now to move onto to something different. I learnt a lot from this one. Specifically the techniques of building up strong light, making areas seeem textured with minimal paint and the importance of visble brush stokes and layering colours (even if the layered colours are imperceptabley different to the naked eye).

Tell me what you think!

A big thanks to Sebastian fo supplying the inspiration and Joby for supplying technique and style.
I'll start another one tomorrow. Oh and keep the entries coming in, there is still a week to participate!

J out.


  1. Great job on your first painting man.. It must be great to work more hands on instead of with a computer tablet...

    ...can't wait to see you next piece and many more after, to see your progress

  2. Great work Jay!! You've done brilliant.

  3. jeeeee whiz.. J, I mean I knew you were talented BUT as well as the Lulu Mae video.. this takes the biscuit.. beautiful.. now if only I was rich, you would be too..much lovliness, Nina H

  4. as i told you on skype. sweet work dude :) very unique!
    Gonna look through my pictures tmw and find something to send over to ya.

  5. Niiice.

    You're looking hot in those photos...all tanned and muscly. Bob is looking hot as well, with his tan and his new shaved head.

    I, on the other hand, am getting fatter and paler by the minute.

    Damn your eyes.