Sunday, 15 August 2010

Poster Update

So I've been sick for a while. Sorry for anyone who is following me and looking for updates.

I've been out of action due to intense migraines. last week I managed to get rid of the headaches by doing nothing at home. While it was relaxing and I feel good it's time to get back to work. This weekend I finished Stephen Murphy's 40 inch abstract painting and I started ideation on another painting.

I'll post a good quality picture beefore I send it off in case something happens along the way.

Digitally I am very far behind in my course (2 weeks) but I hope to catch up on that soon. Here is the latest colour version of my painting. Once I get the ok from TAD I will go ahead and detail it out and make some nice text instead of the ugly placeholders I have here.

Thanks for following. I will post the updated Stephen Murphy picture tomorrow and some reference grabs for my next painting.

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