Monday, 16 August 2010

Hidden Truths

The news is travelling fast. For anyone who doesn't already know I've been promoted to a senior artist. This goes hand in hand with my recent increase in responsibilities as an art director's assistant for parts of the game we're working on. Anyway enough bragging, let's just say I'm really happy at work at the moment (except for some tech issues we're having this milestone ;)

Anyway here is the final painting I will be sending to Stephen Murphy this weekend as promised.
Tell me what you think. Streling Hudson over on VLP actually followed my composition completely without any coersion. That makes me proud. :)

So here you go. And Stephen, take care of this painting I've grown fond of it.

PS This photo sucks. Better one tomorrow. I'll probably swap it here in this post ;)


  1. Gorgeous. I'm glad it will find a good home.

  2. Shit, dude, how do you get coffee rings out of canvas??