Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Balloon with text (large)

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  1. Hi Jay,

    Lovely artwork and composition. I really love the use of colour and movement. Brilliant work. However, I would take out nearly all of the text. Having looked at quite a few postcards and posters around town in the last few days, I noticed that the ones that caught my attention were the ones with the least information. I think your best bet is to work to attract the attention of the viewer. Interested parties will dig further for information. So make the first glance less cluttered. That is, I think you should tell the viewer what the thing is about with big text, and put the rest somewhere hidden.

    Like "TAD: The Art Department" (I'd keep the spacing clear here) followed by "3D. Design. Illustration." (or whatever). The only other text I'd use would be "First submission deadline: 15th November" which I'd place just above the email address.

    You'll have more room to work. If you find it looking a bit empty, you could drop the "harness your imagination" back in.