Saturday, 13 February 2016

Skyfood Tacos

The idea I am settling on is a future setting based on inspiration from "Tales from the Loop" and the drawings of Ian McKewan.

The location is an old skyport that is used to dock birding vessels. It's a rough neighbourhood where the few ships docked at night hover noisily and pump out diesel fumes over the slums below. On the street corner outside the bird processing plant there is a greasy taco stand that specialises in battered skyfood.

The catches from the day are dumped off at the plant but in return for a tasty taco, the stand owner has prime choice of the gulls, pigeons and other treats. He whizzes them through his bird processor to clean off the meat and chucks the useless remains over the edge of the dock wall. He thinks the slums squatters should pay him for the free breakfast.

It's early morning and the shifts are about to change. Workers will soon arrive smelling of tobacco and sweat while the night shift leaves covered in feathers and the odour of rotten birds.

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