Sunday, 11 July 2010

STV3 and the future

Here's a sneak preview of a commission piece I'm doing for a prominent news journalist for the independent TV station TV3 in Ireland. I still need to glaze it to add depth and figure out the complications of transportation without costing too much.

I'll also take this time to iron out a rough schedule for the next few weeks:

Colour and composition Study:
  • Monday and Wednesday nights I have classes on-line for 2 hours and I'll need to get about 6 hours home work done between Tuesday evenings and the weekends.
Brush work, Graphic Design and texture Study:
  • Speed painting and composition studies at lunch.
Character Designs, Robot Designs, Environments, Props, Weapons and Creatures:
  • Spare weekend time I'm going to do more character studies as that is where I really want to be when I'm at the top of my game. I'll be focusing on Ulysses and the wild west for now but will move onto different genres when I feel I'm repeating myself.
Studio Space:
  • I'll need to get an application in by the end of the month so probably the first few weekends I'll be exploring the canvas. Focusing mainly on the corruption of memory and using the human figure as a form of expression.
Work process and the artist as a business model for the 21st century:
  • I'll be using this space to show how the roll and perception of art has changed incredibly over the past 5 years and how we as a subculture can change to give our audience the art they want in the form they want it. Is there a new business model besides the following outdated 1000 year old struggle?
  1. Get good at art
  2. Sell art sometimes to the rich (low price giving half your money to galleries)
  3. Starve a bit, sell more art (if you're lucky and famous) at higher prices to the even richer
  4. Die and let other people get rich from your work

Again keep watching and I'll fill you in on any success stories I dig up on the way.


  1. Beautiful piece. Stephen Murphy should be honoured. Maybe you'll get some free coverage.

  2. Thanks! Do you want something for your room? Maybe I'll do something a bit smaller. What would you like me to paint?