Sunday, 11 July 2010

Studio Space and Composition Class

Another weekend and no more updates on Ulysses. I swear I'm going to pull my hair out soon if I don't get back into my schedule. In an effort to remain in the blogsphere I'll just note down a few exciting developments in my artistic life.

Firstly: A possibility of an addition of responsibilities in my job role has presented itself. It's early days so let's see how things pan out. Watch this space for details.

Secondly: I am starting a Colour and Composition course tomorrow night at The Art Department which is being taught by Jason Manley and Terry Brown. I thought it started on the 17th so I'm in a bit of a fluster. My objective for this course is to consolidate what I already know, learn something new and most of all learn how to apply this knowledge in my own works.

Thirdly: I am seeking a new studio space because this little corner of my room is not big enough for all my mediums. Marko Djurdjevic swears that for him it was the biggest and most positive change he made for his art work. Having a space just for art and separating private life from art life is fundamental to your work as a professional.

So I've been looking around and I've found Cambridge Artworks which is perfect for me for a few reasons:
  • It's close by my home
  • It's close by Fede's work
  • It offers studio spaces that fit my needs and has a lot of talented people I can learn from and maybe share a secret or two of my own with.
Bad news is they have a waiting list and a large application form which I need to fill out and submit with examples of my art work. This isn't a problem of quality from my point of view but of deciding which pieces will work together in a an application that best describe me as an artist and what I am trying to explore and achieve.

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