Thursday, 31 July 2008

OK, this has to be quick, get ready:

Was supposed to see Franz Ferdinand, changed mind and went to two day stay at farm, made bread from scratch. Look at slide show. Sang songs, danced, ate, slept, played with donkeys.

Went to Ferrara, saw Deus and Interpol. Good music. Annoying guy behind me I wanted to kill. Tom Waits in Milan was amazing, saw Benigni and wife. Concert brill. Milan is dirty. I wouldn't live there. Toyed with idea of going back to serious job and career and then remembered I hate computers.

Como (famous town and lake near Milan) was flooded but beautiful exhibition of Schiele made me happy. See his stuff if you can it's just incredible. Then back to Bologna to another concert. Next day up mountains for a ridiculously large steak BBQ and sing song. Drunk until very late. Up early.

Finished language course. Intermediate now. Last weekend went to river for another BBQ and swim with fishes under waterfall. So hot. 34 degrees and sunny all the time despite weather forecasts of rain.

Started painting. Blogging and emailing annoys me. Trying to scan and upload all my photos. Still have 6 undeveloped rolls from god knows when. Must buy good digital camera when I have money. Tonight I go to drop cvs into bars and restaurants of Bologna. Wish me luck. No plans for crazy concerts or short trips as everyone in Bologna goes away and I have no money for holidays. Come over to Italy to keep me and Fede company.

Miss you all, keep in touch. J Out.

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