Sunday, 10 July 2011

Warrior_J - Prep for Chronicles of SKin

Warm up drawing to get started on Chronicles of Skin Logo which I need a warrior sized head for. This is a self portrait but a bit warriorified. Spent about 1 hr and a half on it. I'm very slow at drawing now, I really need mroe practice.
Note I didn't use undo or eraser or layers for this drawing, trying to discipline myself for reral sketching again. At the end it looked a bit wonky so I used liquify to straighten it out so did have to cheat but felt ok about original anyway even if it's a bit messy.

Here are both: (First is warrior)


  1. I like the first better than the second, though I can't tell which has been liquified.

  2. The 1st got liquefied. :) You have a good eye. Can you imagine him wearing the Chronicles of skin helmet?

  3. Totally. He'd be catching men and then eating them.