Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ulysses update

Another update, still lots of details I want to put in but not sure I'll have time before MADE. Also the light on the arm holding the gun is wrong.

A side question: Does anyone have a good portfolio layout that they like that I can steal for laying out mine? I was thinking of just looking at the Massive Black books and trying to layout the stuff like they do..

And is it ok to just bring a digital version of my portfolio?


  1. Not sure how to answer either of those questions. But I love the work you've done on Ulysses. I can totally see that inside a nice RPG book. Good work Jason.

  2. you are frigging good Jay. I'm really really impressed.

  3. Thanks, thanks. :)

    Well a lot of this work is yours bro if you want to use it in a future release. :)

    It's cool to see you here Giovanna! It's been so long. How are you? :)