Wednesday, 13 May 2009

What's that? Another painting?

It's back, thanks to a cunning schedule designed to fool one's self into following one's ambitions instead of lounging around fretting about them (courtesy of my dear brother), J the artist is back on form. With another masterpiece laid out before you all and three more in production all is looking well.

I will now stop referring to myself in the third person as this may be psychoanalyzed at a later date and lead to the discovery that I am, indeed, self obsessed.

It took some time to finish this one but it was time spent idling rather than working. With my new schedule, which I started two weeks ago, I am spending more time painting than I have since I left Italy. I work a two week schedule with the first week on painting in photoshop and learning other software techniques and every second week it's back to pure traditional painting with brushes and tubes of paint. During these weeks I do at least half an hour's solid work a day which normally eats into two or three hours.

Last week I learnt to use Channels in photoshop for selection/masking/greyscaling.

This week I've finished a painting, primed three canvases and started to update this blog. Now I'm going to scan this one and let you dwell on ir while I start the next ones.

The painting is called Rick.

Thanks man, I miss you. J out.

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  1. Hey Jason!

    The painting looks awesome! I'm glad that you were able to get back in touch with it.

    I (we) miss you guys too