Monday, 22 September 2008

Art is Hard: Truck: Update 04

I just finished putting on the layer of modelling paste and the surface is textured the way I want. I'll sand some areas that are too rough but mostly I think I'll leave the texture. The modelling paste/paint mix is very satisfying to use but because it is made to dry textured it is very thick and not so precise. As you can imagine with this painting I need to be fairly precise and with the thick paint it's taken me a long time to get the textured layer finished.

I apologise for the blurry photo..

Next step: Sanding, re-painting yellow bits.

News here: Waiting for an interview; working in Irish pub; looking forward to Dan coming over on Wednesday. Byee!


  1. Cool. Nice to see it getting layered up bit by bit. Iam glad ur putting some of the yellow back in, it was nice :)

  2. hey man, the painting looks great, but... it's been 20 days now, any updates? (rick gently nudges jason)